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    Now YouTube will support HDR videos.

    YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl today announced at CES that the platform will soon be supporting HDR video. HDR (High Dynamic Range) refers to digital imagery that has an expanded contrast range and color pallette compared to conventional images, resulting in colors that are deeper, blacks that are purer and bright areas with crisp detail.

    High dynamic range video has been in the pipeline for a long time, as it offers a series of techniques that weave images together in order to provide an even clearer picture to streamers. While many might see it as a buzzword, it’s actually a significant boost in picture quality, allowing the watcher to see more details that they may have not noticed before.

    There’s just one problem. In order to play and actually see HDR video, you’re going to need a supported monitor or TV. For example, you can watch 4K video on YouTube right now, and while you might be able to stream at that quality, you won’t see a 4K picture unless you have a monitor with the correct specifications.

    Netflix and Amazon recently announced support for HDR video streaming as well. That said, several manufacturers–LG, Sony and Vizio–are looking at soon releasing 4K TV’s with support for high dynamic range video.

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