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    This Police Man performed his duty in Floods without Shoes, and the reason will melt your heart

    We are used to hear negative things about our country's Police Men and at several times the stories of their dedication remain unspoken and unheard. However the times are changing now and for good.

    "Ye Social Media Ka Time Hai Bhai" and nothing remains hidden here be it good or bad.

    A Facebook user recently shared the Story of a Dedicated Cop who was not only performing his duty during heavy rains in Gurugram but was doing it without wearing his shoes. When asked, his words were so heart melting.

    Here's what he said -

    Sir, kal bhi duty pe aana hai. Joote geele ho gaye toh kal kya phenunga? Mere pass ek hi boot hai."

    Our Salute to such Dedication!

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