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    How this 12th Pass Girl with Normal Job made Property worth Crores? Here's the answer

    Dombivli, Maharashtra based Vrushali Bamane is under the Legal Custody for making Property worth Crores in Illegal manner. It is being Investigated that how she made Huge Property when she is just 12th Pass and earns 18k per month through her Job.

    As per Mid-Day report, After completing studies only till class 12, she started working as an assistant accountant at Mahalaxmi Rope Works in Fort, Mumbai. She was hired for a monthly salary of Rs. 18,000. It must be noted that Vrushali had studied Science in her school and became an Accountant later without any training in the subject. 

    Property Details of Vrushali Bamane

    Through her job, she has managed to earn crores worth of money and property which includes a 5-Crore Rupees Bungalow in Satara which houses seven fully furnished rooms and a terrace swimming pool.

    Besides the lavish two-storied bungalow, Vrushali's property includes three apartments and two flats in Mumbai, fancy cars and bikes. But the girl has big heart as she has gifted some of the expensive cars and bikes to her relatives and all of them have the same registration number- 3777- which she deems lucky for her. Moreover, she provides financial help to her husband, parents, sibling and relatives.

    How she Managed all this:

    As per reports, Vrushali Bamane very smartly worked for seven years and earned her employer’s trust completely. It was in 2013 that she began making improper use of her employer’s trust as she started tampering with accounts and through the process extracted Rs. 16.32 CRORE over three years from the company’s bank accounts, steadily, until she was caught.

    The Police have not only discovered all the aforesaid but Vrushali’s excursions with her husband and family. Moreover, her assets are not stopping from surfacing and are expected to go higher, claim the Police. “After her arrest, we made searches at her residence and other properties and seized gold and silver jewelry, expensive watches and cash, totally worth over Rs 18 lakh,” said an officer.

    The Police have charged her with Section 408 (criminal breach of trust) of the IPC and have also opposed her bail plea.

    Excerpts from caravanalive

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