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    Want a JIO connection? Here are the things you want to know before

    Reliance's JIO has become massively popular and people are ready to do anything to buy a new JIO Sim. Reason? It's providing Data Usage & Voice Calls at Unbelievably low prices. But here are some points you must understand before you go to buy the Sim -

     1. It is being said that Consumers can enjoy Unlimited Data till 31st December but It's not like that exactly. There's a cap of 4GB per day on Data Consumption. Once this is crossed, the consumer will get a speed of mere 128kbps.

    2. Rs 50 per 1 GB plan will be available only after you consume a Rs 149 Tariff Plan. In Rs 149 you get 300 MB Data which means 1 GB Data will cost at least Rs 199.

    3. It is also being said that Rs 50 per 1 GB plan will give Unlimited Data in Night. But you can enjoy this benefit between 2AM to 5AM only.

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